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Nadine Protzmann

Receptionist at the Hotel Victoria in Nuremberg

My tip - the "Neue Wasserwelt" (new water world) on the Wöhrder See!

Whether you want to enjoy the sandy beach that has recently been opened or any of the upcoming projects, the Wöhrder See is definitely worth a visit.

For example, a little island landscape, which you can explore by walking on wooden walkways, is currently being created.
On the newly constructed boulevard, a wooden walkway, you can go for a stroll right beside the water. There are also plans to support local fish species such as the trout by creating an aquatic pathway that allows them to spread without any difficulty. This pathway will also provide an attractive option for water sports enthusiasts, such as caneoists.

Applying ecological measures will improve the water quality - thus creating an attractive, near-natural landscape that invites people to spend time in and around the water.

A picture in the "Abendzeitung München" shows Nuremberg's latest recreational oasis.

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