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People with heart, that you are very important to welcome you at the Hotel Victoria.

Our team has thought about what secret tips you should not be withhold and we have arised a wide choice! See yourself and discover the most beautiful aspects of Nuremberg!



Dedi Supriadi

Housekeeping at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I like to spend my spare time in the Franconian Switzerland - the natural park stretches trough romantic valleys which are overtopped by 35 medieval castles and ruins. Whether by foot, by bicycle or even with a canoe at a tour on the Wiesent, this area may be discovered. It is a 50 minutes drive away from Nuremberg.

Nelly Ruseva

Housekeeping at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

The Documentation Centre at Dutzendteich is always worth a visit. The period of National Socialism is presented here in a very clear and informative way and you might also be interested in the various temporary exhibitions. Particularly impressive is the size of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and the architecture of the historical Congress Hall in which the museum is located.

Jenny Raeder-Ulherr

Receptionist at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

My recommendation for our guests: The Volkspark Marienberg at the north of Nuremberg.

It offers leisure-time activities for every taste: in addition to a play- and sunbathing areas you can find public barbeceu areas and a minigolf course. For everybody into fitness, there is a jogging trail which offers different stations of additional exercise. I, for instance, like going there with my dog. On the spacious outdoor dog run area, it can romp around freely – If you like real Franconian food and drink, I would recommend the Tucherhof. You can find it with its large beergarden at the Marienbergstrasse, north of the park.

Iryna Makarenka

Employee in kitchen and service at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I especially recommend to take a trip to the Wöhrder Wiese! From the Hotel Victoria this huge green space can be reached within a ten minute walk. There one can enjoy long walks and tasty food at the beergarden. A great playground provides entertainment for the little ones as well.

Bianca Clerget

Receptionist at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I enjoy visiting the DB Railway Museum in Nuremberg, which offers recovery and relaxation for children and adults. I like the enclosed Museum of Communication as it presents interesting exhibitions. A wonderful museum complex!

Iryna Seubert

Housekeeping at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I like to visit a opera or listen a concert. Thats why the Nuremberg Opera House is my personal favourit. The imposing building fascinates me every time. In the inside the building ist historically well preserved and very pretty to see. The performances, which are act by the National Theater Nuremberg, are always interesting and diversified.

Olesya Elunin

Employee in kitchen at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I like to have a walk with my children at the "Dutzendteich". There are many playground to linger and romp around. You can enjoy nature and forget the everyday life for a while.
For those, interested in Nuremberg's history, the documentation center nearby is suitable. You will get detailed information to the city history during World War II.

Mariama Seeliger

Housekeeping at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I especially like the Stadtpark, which is the city park of Nuremberg. Beautifully stunning places invite to linger, great playgrounds offer space of amusement for children. If the weather is fine, one can relay, have a coffee or simply enjoy the idyllic scenery.

Maninder Singh

Employee at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

In my opinion there are several perfect spots in Nuremberg. I experienced my first real Wow-effect up at the castle in its gardens.

From there you can eye the stunning Nuremberg from a different perspective. You reach the castle gardens after a scenic walk from the Hotel Victoria and can relax on one of the numerous benches in the gardens.

Anne Köttig

Employee for Conferences and Events at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

My recommendation is the Café Dampfnudelbäck at the Johannisstrasse 34 in Nuremberg. A small, quaint café which offers, apart from dumplings with vanilla sauce (mmmmmh...:D), hot and hearty meals. During summer time you can enjoy the weather in the roofed beach chairs in front of the house. Opens daily from 08:30 - 365 days a year!

Lisa Sindel

Breakfast employee at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

Eva Sanchez Aguilar

Management assistent & deputy housekeeper

The bridge “Museumsbrücke? on the river Pegnitz is one of my favourite spots. It’s nice to walk by the bridge, relax in a cafe, buy fruits and vegetables and even take beautiful pictures. When you pass the bridge and walk through the Market Square you can finally reach the castle and enjoy the great view of the city.

Sara Ruffato

Receptionist at the Hotel Victoria in Nuremberg

The Unschlittplatz is one of the most beautiful places in Nuremberg. Due to its medival monuments it belongs to the most important historical sights within the inner city of Nuremberg. Because of the many half-timbered houses and its irregular shape the place is historical, romantic and picturesque at the same time! Quite intresting is the story about fountain figure, The Bagpiper... the legend says that in 1437 during plague, a drunk and asleep bagpiper, was loaded onto a barrow which were used to transport the deceased. The man was freed only when he blew his bagpipe as nobody heard him shouting before!


My recommendation for a good restaurant to enjoy sea-food: the Restaurant Opatja lies in the beautiful scenery of the Unschlittplatz!

Nadine Protzmann

Receptionist at the Hotel Victoria in Nuremberg

My tip - the "Neue Wasserwelt" (new water world) on the Wöhrder See!

Whether you want to enjoy the sandy beach that has recently been opened or any of the upcoming projects, the Wöhrder See is definitely worth a visit.

For example, a little island landscape, which you can explore by walking on wooden walkways, is currently being created.
On the newly constructed boulevard, a wooden walkway, you can go for a stroll right beside the water. There are also plans to support local fish species such as the trout by creating an aquatic pathway that allows them to spread without any difficulty. This pathway will also provide an attractive option for water sports enthusiasts, such as caneoists.

Applying ecological measures will improve the water quality - thus creating an attractive, near-natural landscape that invites people to spend time in and around the water.

A picture in the "Abendzeitung München" shows Nuremberg's latest recreational oasis.

Gerald Papouschek

Night porter at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

My favorite place to be is the Nuremberg Tiergarten, the Zoo. Here one can enjoy long walks, linger at beautiful spots and observe the many different animals - every season of the year

Rosen Krastev

Night porter at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

As a passionate cyclist my recommendation for our guests would be the route along the Pegnitz. From the Hotel it can be found easily (with the starting point being the Wöhrder Wiese, for example). The route offers aplenty of nature, green areas, wonderful waterscapes and places to take great pictures. The cycle lane ist asphalted and pleasantly wide.

In beautifully warm summer weather, the numerous meadows are the ideal spot to relax, debauch, "lay in the sun", picknick...

Magdalena Holzinger

Receptionist at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

The theme "Industriekultur", which means industrial culture, sounds at first not very exciting, but at second glance, it is, indeed.
Since the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was always the home of clever and innovative minds.
From Henleins pocket watch over the terrestial globe by Martin Behaim up to the two-wheeled myth.
The museum is designed in a descriptive way and provides the framework for interesting lectures or a nice family day which is really worth it.
Finally, you can perform exciting experiments in the learning lab to feel the atmosphere of physics!

Barbara Klug

Housekeeping at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

My favourite place in Nuremberg is the Wöhrder Wiese.

The Wöhrder Wiese and the Wöhrder See are a wonderful green oasis in the midst of the city. If the mood takes you, you can go for long walks, inline skate, take a trip with the bicycle, take a run and much more.

My favourite café in town would be Starbucks: it does not matter if you choose the one on the Fleischbrücke or the Breite Gasse, one has a beautiful view to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Edda Tschinkl

Executive Housekeeper at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

Whenever our guests are doing the Victoria Walk Number 6, this is my insider tip.

A visit at the beach house Dutzendteich - for me  beautiful mediterranean atmosphere - it is gorgeous to linger at the sea-terrace, really good Italian food is offered, an exellent glass of wine, cocktails as at it finest!

Manuel Angel Sotelo Galindo

Employee at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

The German National Museum was a very interesting discovery for me - it houses a gorgeous and vast collection of fascinating exhibits and histories for young and old alike.

The museum was a great surprise for me, because I hadn´t known about it. I just like walking through the museum, 'travelling through time and space' to get an impression of all the things that are 'German'.

Sandy Lau

Employee for Conferences and Events at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

I recommend the theme park "Schloss Thurn" - especially for families it is worth a visit. Children and their parents will benefit from it. The park offers a wide range of attractions; since February 2015 you also find the Bavarian bat museum there.

Sabine Powels

General Manager at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

My insidertip would be the Rosenaupark in the district Kleinweidenmühle. I deeply enjoy spending time there regularly on the weekends. Ordering coffee latte at the iconic Café Kiosk, taking a chair and reading the paper in the sun. In the distance one hears laughter of the children playing at the wide playgrounds, experience the wonderfully scaled flowerbeds, admiring the old trees and simply enjoying Nuremberg.



Don´t miss walking by the Minnesängerbrunnen (minstrel fountain), which is the symbolic landmark of the Rosenaupark.

Katharina Germendorff

Associate director at the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

My insider tip with the Hotel Victoria as the point of origin: At the foot of the Wahlberla is Dietzhof, which is perfectly reachable within 45 minutes, through landscapes that are well worth seeing. This small village has its own brewery with an attached restaurant: The brewery Alt. Firstly, explore one of the many attractions in Franconian Switzerland and afterwards enjoy the delicious beer of this family-run business and one of the world best Schäuferle (pork shoulder piece).

Other typically regional treats like the special bread, plate brawn or tasty home-baked cakes are recommendable as well! It is guaranteed worth a visit – see for yourself!