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Nuremberg always worth the trip! We invite you to discover our city with our walks

We are excited about Nuremberg and want to share this with you! That is why we have created some quite individual theme walks due to the 115th anniversary of the Hotel Victoria. A colorful variety awaits you and show you our beautiful city from maybe very different angles. Have fun exploring!

Tracing the green spots of Nuremberg

This walk is really colourful! Especially during summer time you can see here impressing spots - all of them with different possibilities to rest nd enjoy!


Tracing antique gods through the old part of the city

On this way, discover the mesengers of antiquity! Some easy to spot, some in secret, this route holds several surprises!

Public art

Discover pieces of international artists, which you can see all over town. Start our search for the Warrior, the Insect or the Prantlstein!

Tracing the Steps of thinkers, artists and inventors

Nuremberg has produced may popular figures - who does not know about Feuerbach, Behaim or Dürer? Today there are many monuments dedicated to them

A discovery tour for adults and children

The exciting goal of the imperial castle in mind, lined with quaint Nuremberg legends and myths, will enthrall every child for this walk.

Tracing the Right in Nuremberg

Barely any other city is shaped by its past of the last century like Nuremberg. Learn about law and justice!