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  • Skulpturengarten
  • Henkersteg
  • Kettensteg
  • Burggarten
  • Barockgarten
  • Johannisfriedhof
  • Riesenschritt
  • Rosenaupark

Flourishing Nuremberg


We start our tour at the Skulpturengarten (1) of the New Museum, which is located at the Zwinger of the city-wall and which entrance can be found between the Frauentor and the Sterntor. One can admire seven privately donated pieces of art while strolling along the city-wall. The Tempelchen – which are animal motives standing on tree stamps – by Johannes Brus and the stone “Granit Bleu de Vie” by Ulrich Rückriem are only two of them.

Now, our walk leads us through Nurembergs lively shopping-mile at the Lorenzer Altstadt. From the Trödelmarkt we reach the Henkerssteg (2) which connects two parts of the city, called St. Sebald and St. Lorenz. Here you can dip into the history of the executioner, who was disfavoured because of his “dishonest” occupation and, therefore, was banished to live at the Trödelmarktinsel.

From here we already have the magnificent view of the Maxbrücke (3), which is the oldest bridge, made of stone, in Nuremberg. In between Henkerssteg and Maxbrücke you may find one of the city’s most beautiful scenic picture motives.

We continue our way over the Kettensteg (4) which was the first free-floating, suspended on chains, river bridge in Germany. In 1491 Albrecht Dürer, Nurembergs most famous son, already sketched a feather drawing of it.

Along the Weißgerbergasse (5) – one of the most well kept medieval streets in Nuremberg – and the little alley of the old part of town, we walk along the Albrect-Dürer-House and reach the Tiergärtnertorplatz (6). We pass the Tiergärtnertor and arrive at the enchanting Burggarten (7).

Take your time here, admire the Rosengarten (8) which can only be called a crown jewel and let yourself be impressed by the enourmous breadth of the city-wall.

We continue our walk along the northern side of the city-wall. Once more we enjoy the marvelous view of Nurembergs old city (9) through the guard’s walk way and proceed further through the Bürgermeistergarten (10) to the Neutorzwinger (11). Whoever still doesn’t have enough of the remarkable gardens at the castle-fortificaton, can climb up the steep stairs to the garden grounds on the Neutor and from there can reach the Heilpflanzengarten to the Hallertor (12).


Through the Neutorzwinger we leave the historical inner city and cross into the district  Johannis (13). After only a few metres on the left hand side of the street, you can enter a completely different world by walking through an old wooden door. The Barockgarten (14) is an unmatched treasure – Greek mythology at first hand. We continue along the Johannisstrasse to two further garden-gems, the Barocken Hesperidengarten (15) and the Johannisfriedhof (16) with its epitaphs and with flower decorated graves, which is worth visiting every season of the year. Especially since it is one of the most significant burial grounds in Europe and is listed under monument protection.

On the southern side of the Hesperidengärten we walk back towards the city centre, along the Riesenschritt (17) to the Hallerwiese (18).

If you are not too ehausted, you may wander through the Kontumazgarten (19) and relax at the Rosenaupark (20) with its minnesinger-well. Over a few steps on the southeast end of the park you will arrive at the Altstadtring (old city ring) at the Spittlertorgraben.

From here you reach the city centre through the Fürther Tor. Going directly back to the Hotel Victoria from here or taking advantage of the shopping possibilities after so many impressions of mother nature, is now fully your choice to make.


Victoria Walk | Nr. 1

Duration of the walk: approximately 4 hours


VictoriaTipps for the walk

Di Simo Cafe

A bit like Venice - in the center of Nuremberg

Enjoy a delicious espresso or cappuccino or let the Veneto Sprizz in the evening sun shine.

Trödelmarkt 5-7 | 90403 Nuremberg


Franconian tavern in the historic timber-framed house

In lovingly decorated ambience enjoy the Nuremberg specialties. The family business stands for quality for generations.

Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 6 | 90403 Nuremberg

Wanderer – Cafe Bar

A great Cafe on the most beautiful square in the city

You simply have to stay there! Besides superb coffee and a selection of Franconian beers, the scenery of the Old town is a real enjoyment.

Beim Tiergärtner Tor 2-6 | 90403 Nuremberg


Fancy dumpling variants await you!

Give yourself a break during your walk and relax in one of the beach chairs

Johannisstraße 34 | 90419 Nuremberg

Cafe Schnepperschütz

Open air cafe in a fantastic location at the Hallerwiese

An iconic place any time of day. You can select from the white sausage breakfast and french sandwiches to creative appetizers.

Am Hallertor | 90403 Nuremberg