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  • Merkur
  • Tugendbrunnen
  • Gorgo Medusa
  • Personifikation der Wissenschaft und des Handels
  • Tritonsbrunnen
  • Hesperidengärten
  • Ganymed
  • Freya und Hel

Devine Nuremberg


Starting at the Hotel Victoria we turn left towards St. Lorenz and gaze towards the sky after about 500 metres. Here we see the – formed after Giambologna – Merkur (1) on the roof of house 61, balancing light-footedly.

A few steps further, at the pedestrian zone,  Fortuna and Noris (2), the personifications of Nuremberg, holding the city coat of arms, look at us from a houses’ fassade.

At the corner of a building we see the act of Hygiecia (3), the patron of all pharmacists. We continue and find, left of the church, the manneristic Tugendbrunnen (4), which is decorated with eight women, personificating justice and virtue.

The next station leads us into the Peter-Vischer-Strasse, where we meet Merkur (5) once again. Here to be seen in a modern version, but still unmistakingly marked by his rod and helmet. Following the street north, we cross the river Pegnitz and turn right to the Insel Schütt. After we have left it, crossing the river once more, we can already see the Herrenschützhaus in which archway the head of Gorgo Medusa (6) is integrated.

We now follow the Grübelstrasse and Landauer Strasse up the hill to the precious Tucherschlösschen (Little Tucher castle) in which banquet hall you can see glass windows with Venus, Ceres, Mars, Jupiter and Herkules (7). Here you can also see the reconstruction of the Hirsvogelsaal with one of the first illusionistic ceiling paintings (‘Fall of Phaeton’ by Georg Pencz) north of the Alps.

At the Theresienplatz, a little further down, at the feet of Martin Behaim we discover the embodiment of science and trade (8), marked by their attributes book and starmap as well as anchor and cornucopia.

Following down Theresienstrasse, at the Burgstrasse we turn right to the Fembohaus, on which manneristic-playful fassade we see Fortuna (9) balancing on a pellet.

Turning to the main market, one faces City Hall after a few steps, which renaissace-gates are being decorated with the personifications of the four empires (Ninus, Cyrus, Cäsar and Alexander) (10) as well as Justitia an Prudentia.

From City Hall we walk to the Maxplatz in which centre you can see the Tritonsbrunnen (11), built in 1667, inspired by Berninis Fontana die Tritone.


Should you not be too exhausted yet, we recommend a quick glance to the Hallerwiese. Walking along the Riesenschritt (Huge step) to the historical gardens of Nuremberg, the Hesperidengärten (12) and the Barockgarten (13), each of them at the Johannisstrasse.

The name stems from Greek mythology. It is said that the Hesperides, the daughters of Hesperos and Atlas, were to guard the growing citrus fruits, which were considered property of the gods.

The way back may be taken through the old part of the city. Should you be taking advantage of the shopping possibilities or be going back to the Hotel Victoria directly, after so many impressions, is now fully your choice to make.

Our attention towards the subject of this walk leads us to the end of the building of the German National Museum. Here, on the corner of Kornmarkt and Klaragasse, we see Ganymed (14) aspiring to heaven.

The last part of our walk consists of a visit of the Richard-Wagner-Platz with the Nuremberg Opera House, on which fassade we can discover figures from the Germanic Pantheon. Freya and Hel (15) garnish the gate to the right and to the left.

The way back leads us along the city-wall to the main train station.

Passing through the Handwerkerhof we reach the entrance of the Hotel Victoria.


Victoria Walk | Nr. 2

Duration of the walk: approximately 4 hours

VictoriaTipps for the walk

Cafe "Hermann Kesten" in the Central Library

Reading a newspaper in idyllic Patio

Classy cafe in the former cloister or garden of the Dominican convent. Simply worth a break - whether for coffee or for lunch.

Peter-Vischer-Straße/Katharinenkloster 6 | 90403 Nuremberg

Bratwursthäusle Nuremberg

The classic Nuremberg

The original Nuremberg "Bratwurst" sausages served on pewter from beech wood grill is simply a must. To enjoy in the scenery of St. Seebald and Old Town Hall.

Rathausplatz 1 | 90403 Nuremberg

Restaurant Opatija

An institution in Nuremberg

A variety of house specialties have been pampering in high quality for decades the palate of guests. Fish lovers are here at home.

Unschlittplatz 7 | 90403 Nuremberg

Cafe La Violetta

Its unique charm invites you to linger

Particular attention to the details in the furnishing as well as in the selection of food and drinks waiting to be discovered by you.

Obere Wörthstraße 10 | 90403 Nuremberg